Introducing A New Way Of Gifting

Regalo Pass makes your corporate gifting simple and fun again.


Simply The Best Rewards Solution For Your Company.

Founded by a team passionate in gifting, we aim to increase our clients' competitiveness by strengthening the relationship with their valuable partners.

We want to help our clients transform their appreciation into meaningful gift for their valuable business partners.

Benefits of Regalo Pass.

Regalo Pass offers heaps of benefits, and these are few to mention:

For The Company

One For All Solution

One For All Solution

Regalo Pass can be used for different purposes or campaigns or programs, and have a nationwide coverage.

Increase Budget Effectiveness

Increase Budget Effectiveness

Company will have the visibility and control of budget using Regalo Pass, and to ensure the utility of Regalo Pass through our Redemption Reports.

Increase Operational Effectiveness

Increase Operational Effectiveness

Regalo will generate and distribute the Pass, and will also handle the redemption process.

For End User

Easy To Use

Easy To Use

Users only need WhatsApp to redeem Regalo Pass. No additional applications required.

Ultra Flexibility

Ultra Flexibility

Regalo Pass can be used for any purpose depending on the user's needs: shopping, dining, paying the bills, investments, etc.

Instant Redemption

Instant Redemption

End users will receive the benefit right away after they provide all the necessary and valid information.

Our Simple Convenient Product.

Regalo Pass comes in digital and physical form.

Our Simple
Straight-Forward Features.

Regalo Pass can be redeemed to Gift Back or Vouchers.
Users can freely pick any feature that's suitable to their needs.


User can choose between two of the most popular vouchers: MAP or Carrefour.

These vouchers can be used in hundreds of stores in Indonesia.

How to Redeem Regalo Pass?

Contact the Redemption Center

For the very first step, users need to contact our Redemption Center using their WhatsApp account.

Input the Regalo Pass ID

Each Regalo Pass has an unique ID. Users need to input the unique ID to the chat. Or, to have it hassle-free, users can just send the picture of their Regalo Pass. Our Redemption Center will verify the validity of the Regalo Pass.

Fill out form

Once the Regalo Pass has been verified, our Redemption Center will give users the link that will direct them to a form. Users will choose which form to fill out depending on their choice of feature: Gift Back or Voucher.

And... done!

Once users have finished filling and submitted the form, the redemption process of Regalo Pass is done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question in mind? Check these Frequently Asked Questions!

  • From the Company
    • What’s Regalo Pass?

      Regalo Pass is our leading product, which basically is a pass/voucher that your company could present to your business partner and employee as a form of gifts or rewards.

    • How can my company use Regalo Pass?

      With our nationwide coverage, Regalo Pass is perfect for every of your company’s events. It can be used for different purposes or campaigns, such as Sales Rewards, Employee Rewards, or Marketing Programs. Talk to us so our Team can assist you to figure out so much more of the usage and benefit of Regalo Pass!

    • Where can my company order Regalo Pass?

      If your company wishes to order Regalo Pass, please kindly contact us through our email at, or give us a call at +62811-8408-882. We will offer you help from there.

  • From the User
    • Can I redeem my Regalo Pass with both Gift Back and Voucher features at the same time?

      No, you cannot. One Regalo Pass can be redeemed to one feature only. You have to choose between Gift Back feature or Voucher feature.

    • Does Regalo Pass have an expiry date?

      Yes, it has. You can check the expiry date of your Regalo Pass on the back side of your Regalo Pass.

    • What is Gift Back Fee? Why is there a Gift Back Fee?

      Gift Back Fee is a processing fee to process the Gift Back feature. The percentage of Gift Back Fee charged on your Regalo Pass has been agreed by the company who sponsored your Regalo Pass.

    • How long do I have to wait for the Gift Back feature transfer?

      Regalo will proceed all Gift Back transfers within a maximum of 2 working days since Regalo receives the correct data from the user. Please make sure you write all your information correctly to ensure a smooth and fast process.

    • If I have not received the transfer within 2 working days, what should I do?

      If you have not received the Gift Back transfer within 2 working days, then please kindly contact our Redemption Center at +62811-8404-258 through your WhatsApp account. Our Redemption Center will guide you through.

    • I am going to redeem my Regalo Pass with Voucher feature. Can the voucher be delivered to my house or office?

      Regalo does not provide delivery service to send any voucher to your home or office. Every user who redeems their Regalo Pass with Voucher feature has to pick up the voucher by themselves upon a scheduled meeting with our staff in our office at Panin Tower Senayan City 15th Floor, Central Jakarta.

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